The levels of restoration skill by Steve Quillian

Steve Quillian posted a video today on the Wood Window Makeover facebook page discussing his thoughts on the various “levels” of window restoration knowledge. He breaks things down into six levels of increasing ability. Here they are with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt equivalents (getting back on the mat is a 2018 goal of mine).

Level 1 (4:40 minute mark in video)
(Haven’t stepped on the mat yet.)
A person that is interested and eager to learn more about the basics of wood windows. Probably knows what a “sash” is in general, but likely cannot quickly identify various window parts or how to make proper repairs. Not yet knowledgable enough to independently repair a wood window for a client.

Level 2 (4:58)

A person competent with the mechanical parts of double hung windows. Able to remove and reassemble the window stops, parting beads, sashes, cut paint, replace/repair locks, pulls, pulleys, ropes, and chains. Still working on mastering paintwork and glazing.

Level 3 (5:15)

A person capable of refinishing sash, including safely stripping paint, removing glazing putty and glass panes, cutting new glass if necessary, reglazing, and repainting. Able to repair damaged areas with appropriate wood epoxies.

Level 4 (5:45)

A person with basic carpentry skills and able to mill single parts to replace missing or damaged sash components, such as rails, muntins, etc. Able to entirely reassemble a sash if necessary. Capable of measuring openings for ordering replicated wood sash and trimming new sash if necessary. Also able to adjust and fit casement windows from sash fitting experience.

Level 5 (6:40)

A person with significant carpentry skills able to build an entire window sash and frame system from dimensional lumber, either on-site or at a shop. Able to confidently assess existing window conditions and make appropriate design choices for restoration of existing windows or installation of entirely new windows.

Level 6 (7:00)

A person with very substantial carpentry skills and experience able to build windows having complex shapes or complex joinery, such as radius sashes or non-standard lights. Capable of successfully completing the most complicated restorations and repairs.

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